Friday, August 22, 2014

MyRewards Program Spotlight

When you print documents or receipts on a regular basis, it's important to look for ways to save money on printing supplies. Printer Stock's MyRewards program offers an easy method to cut costs without investing significant time and effort. It can reduce the expense of any paper, ribbon, cartridge, paper product or printer cleaning supply.

Printer Stock MyRewards

How it Works 

Membership in the MyRewards program remains completely free. After signing up, you'll begin to earn one point for every dollar you spend at The website will add points to your account approximately one month after each purchase. You may choose to apply them toward the cost of another item at any time.

Saving Money 

When you're ready to redeem some points, you can log in and specify the number that you want to use. Each point deducts 2 cents from your next order. For example, you'd earn 24 points by purchasing a $24 box of Epson ERC-32 ribbons. You could use this reward to save 48 cents on another Printer Stock product. So for every 50 points you earn, that’s $1 in savings.

Program Rules 

Customers may spend points on any item, but a few restrictions apply. You can't combine rewards with other coupons, discounts or special offers. also bars members from exchanging points for money. Nonetheless, this program provides a quick, simple way to save cash when you buy printer supplies at the standard prices.

How to Join 

It's easy to get started. You can sign up for MyRewards by completing a short registration form. The program only asks for your name, a password and some basic contact information and it conveniently uses your email address as a username. After making an initial purchase, you'll start saving money on every order. Get started today!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Product Review: BPA Free Canary Thermal Paper Rolls

With a variety of printing papers on the market, it's wise to choose ones that will not only provide a canvas for excellent quality print but also be economical, user friendly and environmentally safe. One of the most important considerations is to avoid printing processes that involve BPA, a potentially harmful substance often used as a color developer in printer dyes.’s canary-colored BPA free thermal paper is one option to consider.
 3-1/8 inch x 230 feet Canary Thermal BPA Free Printer Receipt Paper Rolls

Thermal paper requires no ink in the printing process. Instead, the paper is treated with a chemical that will change color when it touches the hot printer heads. The result is an economical, efficient way to produce clear text or images without the fuss of having to pay for or change out ink cartridges. In addition, this paper is BPA free, meaning it's safe for people to handle and environmentally friendly.

This particular receipt paper is designed to fit in cash registers, credit card terminals, and POS printers. The canary color of the paper reduces eye strain and produces better contrast for easier reading of receipts. The paper is one ply (48 grams) and comes on rolls measuring 3-1/8 inches wide x 230 feet long with a 3 inch diameter and a 7/16 inch core. Each roll is compatible with a variety of machines made by leading manufacturers including: Axohm, Citizen, Epson, Fujitsu, IBM, NCR, Omni, Panasonic, Posiflex, Remanco, Samsung, Sharp and VeriFone among others. Quantities come in 50 rolls per case.’s BPA free canary thermal receipt paper will cost less over time than using other types of transactions requiring ink. This paper generates clear, BPA free receipts that are safe for people and the environment. It is a versatile thermal paper, able to fit a diverse range of machines by type and manufacturer. Check for values on canary colored, BPA free thermal paper rolls including free shipping offers on qualified orders.

Monday, July 14, 2014

5 Things You Must Know About POS Printer Paper

If you think all point-of-sale printer paper is basically the same, think again. There are all kinds of styles and variations, and choosing the right one can make a huge difference for your business’ operations. A few important things to understand about POS printer paper, or receipt paper, include:

3-Ply Carbonless Paper Rolls

1. Thermal vs. Dot Matrix

When it comes to receipt printing, you’re likely using either a thermal printer or a standard impact printer. Thermal printers and thermal paper can be bought in a variety of sizes, colors and formats. It’s fast, quiet and easy to use. Plus the print is made entirely using heat – no ribbons or ink cartridges to mess with, making it extremely cost effective. Meanwhile, an ink printer might give you more control, text and photo color printing capabilities, etc., but you’ll want to use a high quality bond paper for printing receipts instead of thermal paper. Additionally, thermal paper is not an option in a hot environment, such as a register near a kitchen. Environmental heat can accidentally activate a thermal printer, so you want to consider a location before choosing thermal vs. ink.

2. Light Resistance 

Nothing is more frustrating than digging out an old receipt and discovering that it's faded to the point of being nearly illegible. UV light can rapidly fade many types of thermal printer paper, but there are styles that are designed to be resistant to this type of damage.

3. Water Resistance 

While there's no such thing as paper that's entirely waterproof, many types of receipt printer paper are designed to be highly resistant to moisture. Synthetic thermal paper works best in this regard, and it's even better when it is topped off with a water-resistant coating.

4. Multi-Ply Paper 

If cost is your top concern, you're probably going to want to stick with regular 1-ply printer paper. However, if you're more concerned about having receipt paper that's strong, durable and provides a copy for your customers and your business, 2-ply or 3-ply paper is the way to go. Different types of paper are available for both ink and thermal printers, so make sure you’re double checking if you need thermal paper or multi-ply bond paper.

5. Brightness 

POS printer paper is available in many colors. Not surprisingly, white is the most popular by far. White receipt printer paper comes in many different shades of brightness. The brighter it is, the more the images on it have contrast and stand out. Bright white POS printer paper tends to cost a bit more than darker shades, but the clarity makes it well worth it for many businesses. offers a wide variety of thermal and bond papers to fit most receipt printing needs. If you’re looking for a special paper feature such as water resistance or a specific brightness that is not readily available on our site, contact our team at 866-748-8273.

No one wants to spend a fortune on printer paper, but there are advantages to paying a little more to get the features you need. While our paper prices are already affordable, there are plenty of ways to save on even the best types of thermal or bond receipt paper. By signing up for's My Rewards program, for instance, you can earn points that are redeemable for discounts on all kinds of supplies. You basically save 2 percent by being a member, and the program is easy to use. Sign up today!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Product Review: Star SP-200 Ribbon

Star SP-200 ribbon

The Star Micronics SP-200 dot matrix impact printer is a well-respected workhorse in the point-of-sale industry. Millions of businesses rely on receipt printers like the SP-200 from Star. If you've got a classic dot matrix receipt printer from Star, it could last close to forever. You will, however, need to switch out the ink ribbons now and then.

 If you're experiencing inconsistent print performance from your SP-200 impact printer, it's more than likely time to change the printer ribbon. Fortunately, this is an effortless process thanks to user-friendly ribbon cartridges for the Star SP-200 printer. If you're old enough to remember messy typewriter ribbons, rest assured that changing the ribbon on a dot matrix printer is nothing like that. All you have to do is open the printer, lift out the spent cartridge and drop in a new one that’s compatible. Close the printer and you're ready to go.

The Star SP-200 ribbon is capable of delivering up to 3,000,000 characters and offers exceptional longevity. When you require a quality ribbon that delivers clear characters and super high yield, the SP-200 is the dot matrix ribbon to choose. Of course, more point-of-sale receipts mean more frequent ribbon changes. At, we offer an affordable price for a six pack of ink ribbon cartridges. That way you can easily afford to keep back-up ribbons on hand. Plus, these cartridges are compatible with all sorts of printers including ones made by Casio, Citizen, and Hypercom.

At, we offer convenient and affordably priced printing supply solutions to keep your business operating smoothly. Contact us at 866-748-8273 with any Star printer ribbon questions.

Monday, June 2, 2014

6 Reasons to Use Paper Receipts for your Business

While many retailers are offering to email or send text messages receipts to people, printed receipts are not likely to go away any time soon. Here are some of the main reasons that businesses should continue to provide a paper copy with purchases:
3-ply carbonless printer paper

They're Great For Advertising 

Along with informing consumers of what they've purchased and for how much, receipts are also a great way to let shoppers know about upcoming events, sales and to even provide individuals with coupons and discount codes. Additionally, many businesses are trying to get feedback from people, and receipts are a great place to let people about surveys and other ways to leave comments.

Paper Receipts Can Ensure Proper Bookkeeping 

Whether a business uses an advanced POS system or a basic cash register and credit card terminal, computer problems can still make balancing a register or registers at the end of the day a challenge. With 2-ply and 3-ply carbonless printer paper, retailers can keep a copy of transactions for their own records. Having paper copies of receipts can save an enormous amount of time when there is a computer or bookkeeping problem.

The Need To Verify Purchases 

It's a sad fact, but shoplifting and theft are still major issues, and there are times when it is necessary to ensure that someone has purchased an item that they are leaving with. Things can become extremely complicated if an individual cannot get to their email or a text message due to connection problems or an overly aggressive spam filter. Producing a paper copy of a receipt is a far easier and quicker than having to find an electronic proof of purchase in these situations.

Paper Receipts Make Returns Easier 

The vast majority of businesses require a receipt before they will allow a customer to return or exchange a product, even if it is faulty. It is far easier for a shopper to produce a paper receipt than it is for them to pull up an email or text message. Additionally, in situations requiring proof of purchase, connection or smart phone problems can create unneeded complications during these transactions.

Paper Receipts Are Safer

Digital receipts open consumers and businesses up for data security breaches. In the past year, companies such as Target and Michael's suffered large scale breaches that made their customers' credit card and personal information vulnerable to hackers. Both companies lost money and trust from their consumers in the hack. Privacy policy experts such as Paul Stephens at Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, actually advises consumers against providing businesses with extra, unnecessary digital information.

People Expect Paper Receipts 

Consumers have been getting paper receipts for their entire lifetime. Even without all of the other compelling reasons for continuing to use physical receipts, people will still want them just because they have always gotten them. Paper receipts are here to stay, and you can keep their costs low by enrolling in Printer Stock's Customer Membership Program, which saves you two percent on the cost of your purchases.

Do you have another reason why paper receipts are preferred to electronic receipts? Share in the comments below.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Product Review: Thermal Printer Cleaning Card

Thermal printers are known for their speed and quiet operation, but they can also get dirty over time, causing some disruption to their normal operation.’s 3x6 thermal printer cleaning card is the perfect tool for removing the debris and buildup that occurs in printers. Improve printing quality and prolong your printer’s life with the proper care and cleaning!
Thermal Printer Cleaning Card, 3 x 6, 10 per pack

 Broad Printer Compatibility 

A great feature these cleaning cards have is that they fit inside any printer that uses a 3" paper roll width. Why order special cleaning gear for each individual device in the office when you can just use the same card to maintain them all? They work equally well with stationary point-of-sale units and mobile receipt printers and they're small enough to transport with mobile printing units.

Easy to Use 

Another big advantage of these cleaning cards is that they don't require an advanced engineering degree to use effectively. It's much easier to minimize the cost of routine maintenance when your cashiers can clean their own receipt printers whenever they replace their paper rolls.

After the feedstock has been removed, a card can be inserted into the roll reservoir and pulled straight through the outlet like any normal receipt. Along the way, it cleans the print head, but it also removes debris and caked dirt from nearby rollers and surfaces. Because they're already filled with a gentle yet thorough cleaning solution, you don't even have to add chemical cleaners after the fact.

Keeping Things Running Smoothly 

Your customers aren't going to wait around while you search for cleaning supplies or try to find a printer that isn't producing huge, ugly streaks. Fortunately, these cards come in bulk packs of ten, so you'll always have some around. In addition to being easy to keep in stock, these printer cleaning cards are super quick to use, so you never have to delay your operations to ensure your machinery stays in check.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Impact Printer Ribbons

Impact printer ribbons are an essential part of many business printing systems, but many people do not understand how impact printing works, resulting in improper care and avoidable problems. A better understanding of impact printing ribbons such as its uses, advantages, and disadvantages can make the buying and printing process easier.
Epson 30/34/38 Universal, box of 6 ribbons, R918 (choice of color)

What Is an Impact Printer Ribbon? 

As its name suggests, impact printing involves a print head that strikes a print ribbon against paper. Impact printers are usually used in equipment like fire alarm systems, cash registers, and ATMs. These printers are ideal in situations where the printed content takes precedence over the quality of the printed images. Products like the Star SP-200/212/242 Extended Life Ribbons or the Epson ERC-31, which is compatible with VeriFone 930 R and the VeriFone Ruby Supersystem, are ideal for completing everyday printing needs. There's also one of the most popular ribbons: the ERC 30/34/38, which is compatible with the equally popular Epson TM-T88.

Impact Printer Ribbon Advantages 

Impact printers are one of the most economical printing options because they have one of the lowest printing costs per page. They are capable of making carbon copies and printing on multi-part stationary, and the ink ribbon generally does not dry out easily.

Impact Printer Ribbon Disadvantages 

The printout quality of impact ribbons can be inconsistent due to drying or improper care. Although the ribbon lasts a while without drying, when it does dry, the ink quality gradually fades. Impact printers are also noisy because of the print head striking the paper, and they are slower than most printers. Color ribbon options with impact printers are usually limited.

Still have questions about impact printer ribbons? Contact the printing experts at at 866-748-8273 with any questions. also carries affordable, quality replacement ribbons, print head cleaners, paper rolls and ink supplies.