Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Product Review: Epson Replacement Ink Ribbons

Epson 30/34/38 universal box of ribbons

The Epson 30/34/38 Universal box of six ribbons work as replacements for the printer ribbons in many Epson printers. This generic replacement for Epson printers offers affordability without sacrificing the quality provided by more expensive OEM ribbons. Our generic Epson replacement ribbons provide longer life and better ink distribution for most printing needs.

Our replacement ribbons are created with lubricating agents directly in the ink. This helps to make the printer head last longer since it creates less wear when it presses against the ribbon. The ink technology in these ribbons creates work and products that have brilliant color and stunning ink distribution; it’s especially great for printer products that are seen and used by customers. The ink is fade resistant and doesn't smudge like some other inks are prone to do. Our replacement ribbons’ inks and products are made from recyclable materials that are safe for the environment as well.

The Epson 30/34/38 box of printer ribbons works in many Epson model printers including the ERC30 through ERC38 models. They are universal because they also work in the M17-JB, M119B and M270 models as well as many of the TM models of printer. The replacement ribbons can also be used with the U300A through to the U300D. For a full list of compatible models, visit here.

The ink box set comes with six ribbons in a variety of colors. Available colors choices include: black and red, purple or black alone. This can be extremely helpful for report printing and other documents that require standard colors like black and red. The black is crisp and sharp for sales receipts and reports and the red adds a bit of color to emphasize or highlight important parts of the document. All colors are long-lasting with consistent quality.

For more information about the Universal Epson box of 6 printer ribbons or to buy a box today, visit

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