Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Product Review: Thermal Printer Cleaning Card

Thermal printers are known for their speed and quiet operation, but they can also get dirty over time, causing some disruption to their normal operation.’s 3x6 thermal printer cleaning card is the perfect tool for removing the debris and buildup that occurs in printers. Improve printing quality and prolong your printer’s life with the proper care and cleaning!
Thermal Printer Cleaning Card, 3 x 6, 10 per pack

 Broad Printer Compatibility 

A great feature these cleaning cards have is that they fit inside any printer that uses a 3" paper roll width. Why order special cleaning gear for each individual device in the office when you can just use the same card to maintain them all? They work equally well with stationary point-of-sale units and mobile receipt printers and they're small enough to transport with mobile printing units.

Easy to Use 

Another big advantage of these cleaning cards is that they don't require an advanced engineering degree to use effectively. It's much easier to minimize the cost of routine maintenance when your cashiers can clean their own receipt printers whenever they replace their paper rolls.

After the feedstock has been removed, a card can be inserted into the roll reservoir and pulled straight through the outlet like any normal receipt. Along the way, it cleans the print head, but it also removes debris and caked dirt from nearby rollers and surfaces. Because they're already filled with a gentle yet thorough cleaning solution, you don't even have to add chemical cleaners after the fact.

Keeping Things Running Smoothly 

Your customers aren't going to wait around while you search for cleaning supplies or try to find a printer that isn't producing huge, ugly streaks. Fortunately, these cards come in bulk packs of ten, so you'll always have some around. In addition to being easy to keep in stock, these printer cleaning cards are super quick to use, so you never have to delay your operations to ensure your machinery stays in check.


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