Monday, May 5, 2014

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Impact Printer Ribbons

Impact printer ribbons are an essential part of many business printing systems, but many people do not understand how impact printing works, resulting in improper care and avoidable problems. A better understanding of impact printing ribbons such as its uses, advantages, and disadvantages can make the buying and printing process easier.
Epson 30/34/38 Universal, box of 6 ribbons, R918 (choice of color)

What Is an Impact Printer Ribbon? 

As its name suggests, impact printing involves a print head that strikes a print ribbon against paper. Impact printers are usually used in equipment like fire alarm systems, cash registers, and ATMs. These printers are ideal in situations where the printed content takes precedence over the quality of the printed images. Products like the Star SP-200/212/242 Extended Life Ribbons or the Epson ERC-31, which is compatible with VeriFone 930 R and the VeriFone Ruby Supersystem, are ideal for completing everyday printing needs. There's also one of the most popular ribbons: the ERC 30/34/38, which is compatible with the equally popular Epson TM-T88.

Impact Printer Ribbon Advantages 

Impact printers are one of the most economical printing options because they have one of the lowest printing costs per page. They are capable of making carbon copies and printing on multi-part stationary, and the ink ribbon generally does not dry out easily.

Impact Printer Ribbon Disadvantages 

The printout quality of impact ribbons can be inconsistent due to drying or improper care. Although the ribbon lasts a while without drying, when it does dry, the ink quality gradually fades. Impact printers are also noisy because of the print head striking the paper, and they are slower than most printers. Color ribbon options with impact printers are usually limited.

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