Monday, June 2, 2014

6 Reasons to Use Paper Receipts for your Business

While many retailers are offering to email or send text messages receipts to people, printed receipts are not likely to go away any time soon. Here are some of the main reasons that businesses should continue to provide a paper copy with purchases:
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They're Great For Advertising 

Along with informing consumers of what they've purchased and for how much, receipts are also a great way to let shoppers know about upcoming events, sales and to even provide individuals with coupons and discount codes. Additionally, many businesses are trying to get feedback from people, and receipts are a great place to let people about surveys and other ways to leave comments.

Paper Receipts Can Ensure Proper Bookkeeping 

Whether a business uses an advanced POS system or a basic cash register and credit card terminal, computer problems can still make balancing a register or registers at the end of the day a challenge. With 2-ply and 3-ply carbonless printer paper, retailers can keep a copy of transactions for their own records. Having paper copies of receipts can save an enormous amount of time when there is a computer or bookkeeping problem.

The Need To Verify Purchases 

It's a sad fact, but shoplifting and theft are still major issues, and there are times when it is necessary to ensure that someone has purchased an item that they are leaving with. Things can become extremely complicated if an individual cannot get to their email or a text message due to connection problems or an overly aggressive spam filter. Producing a paper copy of a receipt is a far easier and quicker than having to find an electronic proof of purchase in these situations.

Paper Receipts Make Returns Easier 

The vast majority of businesses require a receipt before they will allow a customer to return or exchange a product, even if it is faulty. It is far easier for a shopper to produce a paper receipt than it is for them to pull up an email or text message. Additionally, in situations requiring proof of purchase, connection or smart phone problems can create unneeded complications during these transactions.

Paper Receipts Are Safer

Digital receipts open consumers and businesses up for data security breaches. In the past year, companies such as Target and Michael's suffered large scale breaches that made their customers' credit card and personal information vulnerable to hackers. Both companies lost money and trust from their consumers in the hack. Privacy policy experts such as Paul Stephens at Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, actually advises consumers against providing businesses with extra, unnecessary digital information.

People Expect Paper Receipts 

Consumers have been getting paper receipts for their entire lifetime. Even without all of the other compelling reasons for continuing to use physical receipts, people will still want them just because they have always gotten them. Paper receipts are here to stay, and you can keep their costs low by enrolling in Printer Stock's Customer Membership Program, which saves you two percent on the cost of your purchases.

Do you have another reason why paper receipts are preferred to electronic receipts? Share in the comments below.


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