Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Product Review: Star SP-200 Ribbon

Star SP-200 ribbon

The Star Micronics SP-200 dot matrix impact printer is a well-respected workhorse in the point-of-sale industry. Millions of businesses rely on receipt printers like the SP-200 from Star. If you've got a classic dot matrix receipt printer from Star, it could last close to forever. You will, however, need to switch out the ink ribbons now and then.

 If you're experiencing inconsistent print performance from your SP-200 impact printer, it's more than likely time to change the printer ribbon. Fortunately, this is an effortless process thanks to user-friendly ribbon cartridges for the Star SP-200 printer. If you're old enough to remember messy typewriter ribbons, rest assured that changing the ribbon on a dot matrix printer is nothing like that. All you have to do is open the printer, lift out the spent cartridge and drop in a new one that’s compatible. Close the printer and you're ready to go.

The Star SP-200 ribbon is capable of delivering up to 3,000,000 characters and offers exceptional longevity. When you require a quality ribbon that delivers clear characters and super high yield, the SP-200 is the dot matrix ribbon to choose. Of course, more point-of-sale receipts mean more frequent ribbon changes. At PrinterStock.com, we offer an affordable price for a six pack of ink ribbon cartridges. That way you can easily afford to keep back-up ribbons on hand. Plus, these cartridges are compatible with all sorts of printers including ones made by Casio, Citizen, and Hypercom.

At PrinterStock.com, we offer convenient and affordably priced printing supply solutions to keep your business operating smoothly. Contact us at 866-748-8273 with any Star printer ribbon questions.


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